5 albums for 5 cities

5 albums to discover 5 of our favorite cities to celebrate the Music Day. Everything is ready, just press play and start the journey )

If you choose London as your holiday destination Parklife from Blur is the album to listen. In fact, it was to be named “London” but finally they changed the title to define one of the favorite leisure activities of British people, spend a day in the park. Parklife is the third album of the band, released in 1994 ant the one who put Blur as one of the most popular bands from the Britpop fever, together with Oasis.


 If your destination is in the Atlantic coast and Lisbon is your city, you can learn more about their traditional music, fados, through the art of Dulce Pontes. O Primer Canto, from 1999 fuses traditional Portuguese music with jazz elements. Walking through the narrow streets of the Alfama while listening to the amazing voice of the great Portuguese diva is a mystical moody experience.

We travel to Paris with La Femme, one of the most influential groups in the current French scene, an elegant musical proposal as chic as Paris itself. Stay tuned to our blog because soon will be new recommendations from the Seine’city. You can listen to them here.



Iceland has been a very popular destination for families in the last years, and we can’t not blame this choice because its landscape is absolutely amazing and makes you fly to another dimension, especially if you listen Sigur Ros, one of its more famous citizens. From all of his discography we recommend Takk from 2005, and especially this supreme song, Hoppípolla

And finally if you choose Barcelona, Mishima is the band to listen to. His recent life album, “Ara I aquí” is a great opportunity to discover the best secrets from the Catalan city. Tornaràs a Tremolar.

And remember to buy music from your local record store. Happy music day Nòmades!

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