We like this trolls!!


Can you imagine walking for a forest and find out a Troll?

If you are walking for a Danish forest this is possible (and in some other countries too), but don’t be afraid, these trolls doesn’t eat you.

Thomas Dambo, a Danish artist, build giants trolls, some of them are until 18 mts high, and hide them into the nature, so he turn the real space into an imagine one.

The trolls are made of wood from fallen down trees or from discarded wood.


As adults we will connect with our childhood, with the histories they told us, our children will just be shocked surrounded by characters that will never forget

Copenhagen was the first city where they appear, right now we can see trolls in some places around the world, Kentucky, Colorado, Costa Rica, China and lately in Belgium.

From the website of Thomas Dambo (thomasdambo.com) we can download the approximate locations of the trolls, an extra help to find ourselves with these fascinating beings

Nómades, what are you waiting for? Without fear!!

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