Girona II

Casa Cacao.

The Roca brothers’ latest project in the city is this chocolate workshop, a long-time dream of Jordi Roca, the youngest one. You can see all the process from the arrival of the cacao seeds to its conversion in chocolate delicacies. Next to the workshop there is a small shop where you can taste and buy all the products and a small cafe where you can drink delicious milkshakes and eat tasty cakes. Chocolate bars and boxes have a beautiful, delicate packaging, which tells you something about its origins. The staff is very attentive and they know how to make you feel the passion for the project that Jordi Roca put in it.  Casa Cacao is a sensory journey through cocoa, that takes you from Peru to Ecuador, visiting Venezuela and the Dominican Republic in the heart of Girona.


Llibreria Calmot. La casa del llibre il·lustrat.

This small bookstore at the foot of the Eiffel Bridge is a delight. A literary space, with a very careful selection, where books and illustrations play with the reader and invite him to get lost into its stories and illustrations. A cozy space to slow down your pace for a while and experience the beauty of illustrated books.


La simfonia, plaça de l’Oli.

One of our favorite corners from Girona is this small square in the old quarter, which condenses the essence of the city with its irregular triangle shape, stately homes and flowery balconies. La Simfonia, a shop and small restaurant specializing in cheeses and wines, is one of the places we visit whenever we stop in Girona. There is nothing better than sitting on a table in the square on a late summer or autumn evening and letting the owner surprise you with her selection of wines.  She always makes it memorable.



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