About us

Asun and Núria are specialists in cultural tourism, tireless travellers and connoisseurs at first hand of the best cultural options to do in family. With Nomads join his as personal experience and professional to drive this project that is born root of his needs as a travellers and as a mothers.

Núria Serrano

Núria Serrano Ventós, has a  Social Worker degree and a  Post-Grade in International Development. She has a wide experience in leading cultural projects mainly focus in the tourism, festival management and family cultural experiences. Nine years as a director of Minipop Festival, seven years working in the production of REC, International Film Festival and now also working in the music radio show, El Celobert. She loves to travel and has a big curiosity for cultural issues. She is currently living in St Albans.

Qui som Asun

Asun Vidal

Asun Vidal Layel, is architect. After beginning his professional career as a nomad in Denmark, Israel and other Spanish cities establishes his professional dispatch in Tarragona, where realises projects so much in the public field and private. This activity paginates it with it docència to different schools of design and art, School of Art and Design of Reys and ARTIDI (School of Art and Design of Barcelona).

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